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Asik Olan Dogru Söyler


The book Asik Olan Dogru Söyler is part of project ‘Asik Olan Dogru Söyler’ within the umbrella of the public space art project ‘My City’ initiated by the British Council Istanbul. The publication tells about the city of Trabzon in a different way than the usual and official city books. Most of the contributions have been produced by young people from Trabzon and the material has been discussed and worked on in a series of workshop meetings during the spring and summer 2010. The participants have them­selves chosen the areas or the issues to be covered according to their interest. Other areas have been left out. Cliché representations of the city were questioned, and when possible, have been avoided, and instead the focus is on per­sonal experiences and real concerns


Download here: cover, contents and introduction to the book