2016 European New Right & the National Bourgeois Democracies2018-07-14T17:47:48+03:00

Installation view, wall drawing ‘European Neofascists & National Bourgeois Democracies’, nGbK Berlin, 2016. In the foreground part of work by Karolina Kucia.


European Neo-fascists & the National Bourgeois Democracies


Drawing on wall and plastic. Collaboration with Enna Gerin.


The drawing was exhibited in nGbK Berlin as part of the project ‘No Play Feminist Training Camp’. The exhibition was preceded by an intense workshop in nGbK, Berlin, in the days before the start of the exhibition. Enna Gerin and Minna Henriksson hosted a workshop session, where the emergence of European neofascism was discussed, as well as its many connections with the national bourgeois democracies. Further, possible strategies of resistance were sought after. The drawing was made based on the notes of the discussion.


Download here detailed images of the drawing:

European neofascists

National bourgeois democracies

Connections between the neofascist groups and the national bourgeois democracies


Download here poster in Bildpunkt 1/2017