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Counter-constructivist Model (La Fontaine stories for immigrants) paper-film in nine acts 


Counter-constructivist Model is an experimental book utilizing formal devices of film making for deeper anlysis of social issues such as multiculturalism, cultural nationalism, whiteness, segregation, racism and riots. The book is realized as part of artist-in-residence programme by Bortkyrka Konsthall in Fittja. Apart from offering new model and method for dealing with various social issues related to nationalism, it also aims at deconstructing myths and fables surrounding these issues.

Book by Sezgin Boynik & Minna L. Henriksson

ISBN 978-91-87440-87-8

Published by Labyrint Press, 2012

Graphic design by Maryam Fanni

Printed by Printon, Estonia


Download here: pdf file of the book

Link: to publisher’s website