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Centrifugal Book of Europe

The Centrifugal Book of Europe is a ‘map’ of the social, cultural and political space of contemporary Europe, and of the phantasmic Europes that may yet be called into being.


The members of Centrifugal are artists, educators, architects and theorists who have come together to investigate the spatial, political and economic forces producing contemporary ideas of Europe. Centrifugal arises from the peripheries, from sites that have often been formed through their colonial relations with the ‘old Europe’, and which are now structured through complex webs of desire, resistance and adaptation. The project is concerned with finding resonances and affinities across the diverse spaces, histories and political imaginaries inhabiting these edges of Europe.


The Centrifugal Book of Europe is available now
GBP 15 / EUR 15 plus P&P.

Buy it online: http://centri.wordpress.com/the-centrifugal-book-of-europe-buy-online/