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Postkolonialistinen sana- ja kirjalista

A4 leaflet, 2000 copies.

In collaboration with Sezgin Boynik, Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger


’Postkolonialistinen sana- ja kirjalista’ (Post-colonial book and term list) was distributed to private homes in Helsinki in September 2007. It came about as a reaction to the realization that post-colonial discourse is un­derstood in Finland as something very distant because Finland has not possessed any colonies in its history. Few texts have been translated about the topic to Finnish and discussion, texts and researches in the Finnish context about the topic is almost non-existent. It is especially targeted to Finnish people in Finland, who in their everyday life do not see it necessary to update their ideas about Finnishness to something, which can possibly be a plurality of cultures, but instead hold on to conservative thought of one united Finnish nation, culture and language, which needs to defend against other cultures.


The work has been produced within the context of Centrifugal project.

Download here: 

pizzalist 1 (postcolonial book and term list)

pizzalist 2 (postcolonial term and agent list)

pizzalist 3 (critical list of politics and sexuality)